Below are lists of shops that cater to Preemie/NICU families, as well as a list of foundations and organizations that may be able to help families in navigating the emotional roller coaster of NICU life.

Miracle Mumma
Preemie Milestone Cards & Keepsakes
Based out of Australia and ships worldwide

My NICU Family
A community for the parents, family, and friends of a NICU Graduate. They aim to provide loving support, self-care ideas, and new ways to look at life after your NICU baby comes home
Based out of Canada.

Preemie Octopuses, safety tested to meet US Safety Requirements, and soon to add Octopus Rattles, too.
Based out of Australia.

One Little Cub
Preemie onesies up to size 3 Months, to accommodate for the babies that go home a little bigger. This two-time NICU Mom knows the amazing feeling you get when your baby wears clothes for the first time, and she created this brand with the hope to inspire parents with her designs. Some include words like: Brave, Loves, Strong, and Fierce!
Based out of Southern California and ships to the U.S., Canada, and Australia.



If you have a shop, organization, foundation, etc. that you would like me to add to the list, please email me at with a link to your website, where you are based out of/the area(s) you service, a little about your product/organization, and how you are tied to the preemie/NICU world.