Why I Follow My Mommy Intuition

When you bring a tiny human into the world it turns out, there’s no manual with the kid.

Whether your baby comes preterm like mine did, or exactly on your due date, or has to be evicted because he is just too comfy kicking your bladder, it’s a bit overwhelming becoming a new parent, or even adding your second or third or fifth!

Each baby is different, and it would be so nice if they would come out with a little “how-to” summary to help guide us through the struggles of breastfeeding, the sleep deprivation of overnight feedings and diaper changes, the stress of teething, and the mile long list of all the things that can and will happen throughout your baby’s life.

But no such luck. Of course not, because that would be too easy!

Luckily, there’s this handy-dandy thing that I absolutely believe is one of the best “tools” a mother can use…her mommy intuition.

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