Pregnant Again, After the NICU

Making the decision to add to your family can be daunting, regardless if it is your first or fourth baby. Growing your family after having a baby in the NICU, is even more overwhelming and can even be quite terrifying.

Can I carry to term this time?
Will I have another preemie?
Are we going to have another NICU stay?
Is it safe to have another baby?
Can I go through this again?

My firstborn was born 11 weeks early and was in the NICU for 52 days, which isn’t too bad considering he came home 23 days before his due date. I have a condition, though, which I feel like almost guarantees that any future pregnancies will end with a preterm birth.

I want to have a second child, but I am so nervous to get pregnant again, after the NICU.

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