Guest Author Post: Because of Preeclampsia

The world of preemies and NICU families contains such variety, and sometimes it’s hard for us to see how similar we all are, because we arrived at this place in such different ways.

My son was born via emergency c-section at 29 weeks and 2 days, and we’re not 100% why he came early (though we have suspicions).

I don’t fully comprehend preeclampsia, HELLP symdrome, PPROM, mulitple babies, micro preemies, tracheotomies; the list goes on. I can’t write on any of those topics, or a slew of others, from personal experience, because I have none.

Some of my warrior tribe (you!) do though, and I now have my first guest author blog!

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12 Popular New Year Resolutions and How to Keep Up With Them

It’s a new year, a fresh start, a blank slate.

With the new year, comes everyone’s resolutions. We all want to better ourselves, and what better time to start that transition with a fresh, new year?

Resolutions are wonderful, but many people give up on them by January 31st. It’s hard to make a drastic change in life, but not impossible. Getting started is the hardest part, and once we get moving, the momentum can carry us through.

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