5 Fun Baby Keepsake Items

It may not seem like it in the moment, with the sleepless nights, the incessant crying, the constant laundry piling up, and the never ending string of dirty diapers, but babies don’t stay babies for very long.

In the moment it feels like an eternity, but truthfully, their infancy passes by and before you know it, they’re toddling around and making mischief.

It’s important to me, to keep the memories of my son’s infancy alive; even from his NICU stay.

I have pulled together a list of 5 baby keepsake ideas to help you keep the memories of your little one’s baby days alive, too.

Babies don’t keep! I’ve made a list of five fun keepsake ideas for you to preserve the memory of their infancy.

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Handprint & Footprint Frame
print frame

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love seeing my son’s tiny little hands and feet, and covering them in kisses! Why wouldn’t I want a print of those tiny toes to cherish forever?

One thing I loved that the NICU nurses did for us, was getting prints of my son’s itty bitty footprints. They used these amazing “clean” ink pads, that left absolutely no residue on his feet, yet transferred a perfect print onto the paper/card/whatever we were stamping!

They stamped his little feet on a Mothers’ Day card for me, since we spent my first Mothers’ Day in the NICU. They also stamped his little feet onto a sort of novelty birth certificate for us to keep.

You can buy your own clean-touch pads like the ones the NICU used, and use them with this Newborn Baby Handprint and Footprint Photo Frame Kit (though the kit comes with one clean-touch ink pad)!

Baby’s First Year Frame
Keepsake Frame

A My First Year Monthly Photo Baby Keepsake Frame is a great way to watch your baby grow before your eyes! With so many different layouts, it’s easy to choose the right one for you.

I had always planned on taking monthly pictures for my son with him in the chair in his nursery with the same prop beside him, but with his first two months in the NICU, and then life getting a bit hectic when he came home, I didn’t get the chance. I still take pictures all the time, however, and with a frame like one of these, I can still display his first year of life in a fun way!

Birthday Book
Birthday Book

I added this Birthday Book: Keepsake Journal to my registry when I found out I was pregnant, and I’m so glad I did! My aunt and cousin bought it for me, and it’s a great way to jot down the highlights from your child’s birthdays, all the way from their first through their eighteenth! We get busy, and it can be a lot of work to fill out baby books and keep record of absolutely everything, but this is a painless, adorable, fun way to keep some of the memories from your child’s life alive!

There are also little “time capsule” pockets for you to store things from each year! I truly can’t wait to fill the book out every year and maybe even give it to my son when he is an adult and starting his own family!

Mom Line-a-Day Journal
one line

A friend gave me this Mom’s One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book, also while I was pregnant, to log a quick line or two from every day.

The layout is really nice! There is a page dedicated to every day, with a space for one, short entry every year for 5 years! Facebook memories and Timehop are pretty popular right now, and you could think of this as a paper version of that.

I started my first entry on the day my son was born, which means January 1 – April 6th of 2018 will be left blank, but that doesn’t bother me. If it would bother you though, I don’t see why you couldn’t start on January 1st if you’re pregnant then.

I love that there’s not any pressure to fill a page, because sometimes the days aren’t that eventful! You literally only have enough space for a sentence or two, which makes this a fantastic journal for a busy momma!

Keepsake Box

Of course, what list would be complete without a nice keepsake box?

The Baby Keepsake Box I’ve chosen to list has it all, and comes in three color choices! When on your shelf, it almost looks like two books. When you take it down and open it up, you see that half is dedicated to “chronicles” (the paperwork) and the other half is dedicated to “collections” (the things).

The chronicles half has files and pre-printed labels for you to store all of your important papers relating to your child. The collections half has drawers for you to store some of your child’s first things, like his wristband from the hospital or her first hat and bow.

If your bundle of joy hasn’t made a grand appearance yet, don’t forget to set up your Baby Registry with Amazon! You can add all of these keepsake ideas to your registry, and get yourself set up for success before your little one is even here!

Also, make sure to check out my lists of my favorite 12 baby items and my list of essentials for an easier pregnancy to get more inspiration for your registry!

What are some of your favorite keepsake items? It doesn’t have to be from this list, let’s share our favorite stuff!

Did you save anything from your kids’ infancy and childhood? If so, did you give it to them as an adult, or do you plan to?


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