Why I Love My NICU Support Group

When my son was first admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, I thought I could handle it alone. I had seen a flyer for a support group meeting on the fridge on my way back to my son’s pod, but I didn’t ever bother to check and see when the meetings were or where.

I have dealt with family in the hospital before. I’m a sign language interpreter, so I have worked bedside assignments before.

I’ve never been a mother before, though.

I’ve never watched my child fight for his tiny little life.

I’ve never had half of my heart outside of my body and watched it struggle to surive.

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Depression & Anxiety in the NICU

As you’ve probably figured out, the NICU is a hard place to be.

Parents have to watch their babies grow in incubators and must leave them behind at the hospital every night.

That picture perfect idea they had during the pregnancy is shattered and replaced with nurses, doctors, specialists, medications, surgeries, tubes, wires, machines, monitors, and the very high possibility that depression and anxiety will take a firm hold on their lives.

It’s no wonder why parents get sucked into the pull of depression while in the NICU; my husband and I did.

I can’t speak for my husband and what exactly he felt, but he was the one that suggested the two of us went to counseling so we could deal with it (which I am forever grateful for).

I can, however, break down what was going on in my head.

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5 Fun Baby Keepsake Items

It may not seem like it in the moment, with the sleepless nights, the incessant crying, the constant laundry piling up, and the never ending string of dirty diapers, but babies don’t stay babies for very long.

In the moment it feels like an eternity, but truthfully, their infancy passes by and before you know it, they’re toddling around and making mischief.

It’s important to me, to keep the memories of my son’s infancy alive; even from his NICU stay.

I have pulled together a list of 5 baby keepsake ideas to help you keep the memories of your little one’s baby days alive, too.

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How to Keep Your Relationship From Falling Apart in the NICU

Having a baby can put a lot of strain on a relationship.

Having a baby in the NICU adds even more strain.

Rarely do couples handle stress the same way, and they may tend to lash out at one another when emotions become too much and bubble over (or explode, in some cases).

My husband and I certainly don’t cope with stressful situations the same way, and having a baby in the NICU proved to be no different. The strain of the situation could have ripped us apart, but we managed to glide through relatively unscathed.

While I am by no means a relationship expert and I cannot promise what worked for us will work for you, here’s what we did to survive our son’s NICU stay.

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