Share Your NICU Story on My Blog

In honor of September being NICU Awareness Month, I want to extend an offer to anyone that would like to share their NICU story, here.

Everyone’s journey is different, but I can promise you that someone, somewhere has experienced at least something that you went through.

I would love to be able to write about everything that happens in the NICU, but I just don’t have some of those experiences to draw upon.

I can relate to those of you that dealt with chest tubes and leaky PICC lines, but I can’t relate to experiences with tracheotomies or brain bleeds.

I know what it’s like to suddenly go in to labor when you were fine just a few hours before. I don’t know what it’s like dealing with preeclampsia or low amniotic fluid, but I know mothers that do!

My son is my first child, and was my first pregnancy, so I don’t fully understand the pain of losing a baby or juggling older children at home with an infant in the NICU.

Talking in my NICU support group and sharing my heart here, on my blog, have been very therapeutic for me. Yes, sometimes I cry as I type, and sometimes my heart aches as I recall the pain I went through, but knowing that I can help ease another mother’s concerns and show her that she isn’t dealing with things alone is worth it to me.

If you want to share your heart and soul to reach other NICU parents, I would love to be your platform.

Please, email me at:

I would love to feature you and your story, so please get in touch! I’d be happy to feature your story anonymously if you want, or I will gladly link to your social media, blog, etc.

Thank you so much for following me on my journey, I would be honored to share yours.

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