10 Essentials for an Easier Pregnancy

While the gift of growing a human life is wonderful, it’s also exhausting, uncomfortable, awkward, and demanding. If you’re not nauseous, you’re hungry (and sometimes you’re even both at the same time, which becomes a vicious cycle of how-do-I-eat-and-not-throw-it-back-up?). If you want to go to sleep, you can’t because your hips hurt and the baby keeps using your bladder as a squeeze toy and your diaphragm like one of those leg press machines at the gym.

It’s beautiful, and an incredible feeling, but it can also suck sometimes.

So, here are my 10 pregnancy products to help take the suck out of your pregnancy, so you can just relax and bask in the incredibleness of it.

This blog post contains affiliate links, which means that at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission off purchases made using said links.

1. Prenatal Vitamins

If you decide to start trying to get pregnant, it’s important to find a good prenatal vitamin and start taking it, even before you get pregnant.

I tried taking the giant horse pill vitamins, and I hated them. Instead, I bought the One A Day Prenatal Multivitamin Gummies! They are so much easier to eat, and they actually taste pretty good, too.

2. Weekly Photo Props

I may not have been able to carry Kaden to term, but I am so happy I took belly pictures while I was pregnant! It was really hard for me to see the difference in my growing stomach visually (though my pants sure liked to remind me) until I looked at pictures from past weeks!

I got my set of cards from Babies ‘R Us, before their closure (moment of silence please).

I did some looking though, and found some other absolutely adorable options!

I really like the chalkboard look of the My Sweet Baby You’ll Be Weekly Pregnancy Update Photo Props, and the fact that they have Baby’s corresponding fruit/veggie for size comparison like mine did. However, I also love that you can use these gender neutral and versatile Milestone Blocks for both your pregnancy and pictures with your peanut after the birth!

3. Insulated Water Bottle

I guess this pregnancy essential is one of those things that will make your life easier in one aspect (always having water on hand to keep hydrated for your little peanut) but more difficult in another (always running to the bathroom, because you’re constantly filling your squeeze toy bladder).

I got a personalized tumbler for my birthday, and while I love it, it’s not very good for on-the-go. I can’t throw a tumbler in my purse, and if it knocks over it spills (despite the lid and super cute glittery straw). These Simple Modern Insulated Water Bottles, however, caught my eye because they are perfect for throwing in a purse on your way out of the door! They’ll stay cold (or hot, if you’re in to that kind of thing) for hours and they won’t leak on you like my tumbler will.

4. Lotion

Really, there’s not a miracle way to guarantee that you won’t get stretch marks as your belly grows. You can keep a healthy pregnancy weight (of course, gain as your doctor tells you to though!), eat a nutritious diet, and keep your skin hydrated.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter is a popular and well known product that many mommas have trusted to try and reduce the appearance of pesky stretch marks.

5. Belly Band

Speaking of growing bellies, maternity clothes aren’t cheap! I was fortunate enough to have a friend that had been pregnant right before me, and she gave me her maternity clothes. Still, you can only rewear the same pair of maternity work slacks so many times in one week.

Enter, the Belly Band!

When your pants are getting to the point where they’re too uncomfortable to button and zip, or even when you just plain can’t button or zip them, the Belly Band will be your saving grace. Just slip the band over your belly to keep your pants in place, and cover up the fact that you’re unfastened.

Bonus, they help keep your tummy covered when your shirts start to rise up.

6. Comfy Bra

Towards the end of my 2nd trimester, my bras started getting really tight around my ribs. Part of that was because I gained more weight than was probably healthy to do, and part was because I’m pretty certain my ribcage was expanding (but I’m not a doctor, so you can take that worth a grain of salt).

Getting a comfortable bra, like this 3 pack of Seamless Nursing Bras, will be such a help, and will give you one less thing to be uncomfortable with.

7. Compression Socks

As I’m sure you’re already aware, with pregnancy comes swelling. Not just of your belly, but your legs and feet, too! I ended up going in to labor at 29 weeks, and did not really experience the swollen legs and ankles that many other mothers endured, but I have heard that a good pair of compression socks does wonders.

Bluetree Compression Socks are great, not only for pregnant women, but also for athletes, teachers, and anyone that spends all day on their feet! They also come in a ton of different colors, so you’re sure to find a pair you like.

8. Slip-on shoes

I bought a pair of Sketchers Slip-On Walking shoes to wear at work, before I got pregnant. I am so glad I had these for my pregnancy! I am a sign language interpreter, and I’m on my feet a lot because of my job. I wanted a pair of shoes that looked nice enough that I could wear to an assignment, but were also comfortable in case I had to stand all day.

These shoes delivered!

Once I got pregnant, I was even more thankful to have some shoes that I could simply slide my foot into. I may have gone in to labor before my belly got very big, but I was starting to have a hard time bending over towards the end and slip-on shoes were fabulous!

9. Pregnancy Pillow

When my husband and I bought our house and were moving in back in March of 2017, I hurt my back. It healed up before I got pregnant in September, but the back pain hit me back a lot sooner than it does for women that haven’t had a previous back injury.

I always hated sleeping with a pillow between my knees, but it helped the pain in my back and hips. Once I got pregnant and that pain came back, it was worse in my hips and I knew I needed to sleep with something between my knees again.

For Christmas, my husband picked up a pregnancy pillow for me, and I fell in love! Not only was it perfect to support between my knees, but as my belly started to grow, I could slide it under my side for total body support.

Now, I don’t know where he bought my specific pillow, but the PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow on Amazon is the number one best selling maternity pillow, and it’s shaped just like the one I have.

10. Fetal Doppler

Now this product is more for fun than an actual essential, but if you love listening to your baby’s heartbeat as much as I did while I was pregnant, this is a great buy.

My sister ordered a fetal doppler for herself (our due dates were 4 days apart!), and when I went to visit her I used it on myself. My little guy was a wiggle worm and he always hid from me, but when I found him, I could listen to his little heartbeat all day.

Before I really felt pregnant and before I could feel my son move, using the fetal doppler was a great way for me to connect with him. Listening to him in utero made it so much more real for me, and made me that much more excited!

If you haven’t already, make sure you set up your baby registry with Amazon! Since I have so much family in California, I loved that friends and family from around the country could get us exactly what we wanted and needed for Kaden.

Also, if you don’t have Amazon Prime, make sure to sign up for a free 30-day trial. If you don’t love it (but I mean, what’s not to love?) you can always cancel.

I hope my essential items help make your pregnancy a more joyous time.

Do you have any suggestions of a product you feel should have made the list? Leave it in the comments so others can enjoy it, too!


2 thoughts on “10 Essentials for an Easier Pregnancy”

  1. I never had any of these things. Wish I had I’d seen your list. My item would be a camera and some thought. Our son often asks what it was like when he was in my tummy. It would have been awesome if I had of talked to him about it. Don’t know if it makes things easier. But that’s my one.


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