Grandma & Great Grandma’s Visit

I don’t want every entry in my blog to be super emotional, statistics, or otherwise depressing, so I decided to sprinkle in some fun celebratory entries, too. This is one of those posts; a sort of quick happy post about Kaden’s grandma and great grandma coming to visit this past weekend.

My family and I don’t live in the same state.

I moved to Oklahoma to be with my husband in 2011, leaving behind my family in California.

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Happy 4th of July!

I always told myself that when I became a mother, I was going to take a million pictures of my kid, do pinterest-worthy photo shoots, and celebrate every holiday and milestone to the fullest.

Now that I am a preemie mother, I absolutely want to make sure I capture every minute of my son’s life and watch how far he goes!

The 4th of July is no exception!!

I did an early photoshoot, and I plan to take my props with me to the family cookout to take even more pictures with the family!

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Independence Day!

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